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You Don’t Want To Miss This Funny ‘Husband Does My Voiceover’ by Omaya Zein

by Nahla Naciri   ·  2 years ago   ·  

If you are a regular reader, you might already know who Omaya is since we are obsessed with her style and share her looks very often on FB & IG. However, have a quick look at her Page if you don’t. 

We have probably all seen most of the ‘My husband does my voicemaker’ videos on Youtube and enjoyed them all but this one made by Omaya’s Husband who we get to see more often in her stories is the most funniest I personally have ever seen, maybe because we feel so connected to this amazing Muslim couple.

Every single word he has spoken is true but we, girls, will never acknowledge this. Enjoy this video and tag someone who might like this and hey wait! can we just admire Omaya’s makeup tutorial here? Talented as she always have been mashaAllah .


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