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Tied Knot Hijab Tutorial

by Nahla Naciri   ·  6 years ago   ·  

This is a stylish hijab tutorial with a beautiful tied knot on the side adding a classy look to your outfit, this could go with an abaya or a maxi dress and of course with any office outfit you decide to put on.

To get this look done follow the steps below:

1. Place the hijab on your head with a long and short side and pin under your chin.

2. Move the long side over your chest and under the short side

3. Then wrap it over your neck.

4. Take the side you just brought and move it under the fabric on your chest from a hole.

5. Now tied a knot on the left as you can see below.

10903612_1534672383468822_2081516070_nPicture’s source @taslim_r


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