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9 Plane Hijab Outfit Ideas

by Nahla Naciri   ·  3 years ago   ·  

Your suitcase is ready, your tickets are reserved, all you have to do is get dressed to go on a plane. The problem is that you never really know how to dress to travel. We explain everything about the good behavior to adopt to take the plane.

Are you going on vacation? Do you have a business trip? Anyway, you’ll have to fly. And if your suitcase is ready, you may have forgotten the most important outfit: your travel look. in order to travel and sit for one or twelve hours, it is better to dive in appropriate clothing. To take the plane, comfort must prevail, but that does not mean that you should neglect your fashion style. We explain everything about the good outfits to adopt before jumping on your plane!

In front of your wardrobe already emptied of your clothes that you intend to take on vacation, you don’t know exactly what to put on to take the plane. We understand you. Once the episode “pack your bags” is over after hours of thinking and matching, we come to bother you with a strict outfit for your ride. Don’t panic ! Just choose the simplest and most comfortable fashion pieces you have.

  • To be comfortable, we advise you to avoid wearing slim jeans or pants that are too raw or too tight. Instead, go for a flowing pants or sweaty joggings. Slim or straight cut, with a soft fabric, you are promised a comfortable flight .
  • For your top area, layers, layers and mooore layers. a shirt along with an oversized jacket or a cardigan would work amazingly, they would look so stylish while feel so comfy.
  • Some sneakers would complete the look nicely, also flat sandals are an amazing piece to consider to keep your feet breathable and happy 😀 
  • a backpack or a baggy bag is a smart choice to have more space to pack in and also they are practical for travelling.

Below are some gorgeous Plane outfit ideas selected from our favorite bloggers, check them out for more inspiration:


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