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Modest Shopping in USA: Where To Buy Fashionable Hijab?

by Nahla Naciri   ·  2 years ago   ·  

The success of modest fashion industry is because of the fact that the new fashion designer generation is combining the mainstream fashion trends with Islamic customs. Historically, the conservative dressing was associated with the religious observance and had no overlapping with modern fashion, but recent modest fashion trends have connected the two edges together. Some even choose to mix the traditional with the kind of clothes seen at Oregrown (see here for more examples:, which is exciting. Even in the United States, Muslim females prefer customs of modesty in their dressing and accordingly up their body and hair substantively with modern scarves or fashionable hijabs.

Modest fashion in the US

Modest fashion and religious guidelines could be practiced at the same time while living in the US with a kind of dressing which goes with the country culture and is not inappropriate at all. As per a survey in 2017, there are almost 3.45 million Muslims living in the United States which accounts to 1.1% population of Muslims. Muslim females follow the modest fashion while wearing a loose-fitting hijab observing Islam; they tend to pair up hijab with figure-obscuring clothing in public areas or any gathering. If they’re looking at making a saving on modest clothing then they could look at what’s available at stores like Target and then even check out the coupons or discounts that they could apply at the checkout by heading to sites like Raise – This is particularly useful for those living on a tight budget.

Modest fashion and Muslim culture

Modest fashion and Muslim culture

Muslim females cover their head with various types of hijab combined with the modest fashion trends. The style of hijab can be a loose-fitted one or a tight-fitted one. Modest fashion also includes other accessories like hijab caps, pins, hijab accessories – hijab styles have become a style statement in themselves.

People used to believe that hijab is an indication of outdated community pressure, female oppression. Now this type of dressing had been upgraded the way a modern fashionable Muslim woman with hijab would want to wear. People have come to acknowledge and respect the fact that hijab is indeed the choice of pious women herself.

Online shopping of hijab trend in the US

No matter in which era we are living, shopping has always been ladies first love. As technology has progressed in every arena on our lives, the means of shopping have also increased and become easier. Almost 42% of US customers search and purchas online products.

Modesty is never bounded to time, no matter what your style opinion is, modest styles always are here to stay. According to a report by Global Islamic Economy, Muslim customers spend an estimated $230 billion on buying clothes and they have splashed out almost $44 billion on modest fashion.

modest shopping

Where to buy hijabs?

Modest fashion is becoming a fast-developing division of fashion industry, especially because of the digital style gurus like Basma K and Dina Tokio who challenged the Hijabi typecasts by proving that it’s possible to look chic with modest clothing and a covered head.

Bokitta is the top choice for buying modest clothing with an extensive range of hijabs. Bokitta has become one of the most favorite brands for all kinds of hijabs. They provide the ease of online shopping with the convenience to get free shipping on all orders above $50.

  • H&M

For buying modest clothes and a variety of hijab styles, H&M has been a popular choice as it carries various staples around the year. The variety of scarves and different designs and textures can be used for styling hijabs.

  • Hijab Stylist

To fill the gap in modest clothing market, Australian pharmacist designed a unique style known as BB cape. It is designed in a way that it covers the chest as well as back hip area in obedience with the Islamic dressing guidelines providing an effortless modest style solution.


You can buy hijabs online from RRCOLLECTIONS at an affordable price with a modern touch. They have taken modest fashion to a new height by re-imaging the classic fashion.

  • Ria Miranda

This brand is famous for the signature use of pastel color palette and dream prints for the hijabs with gorgeous curves and layers while giving the Muslim females an imaginative look.

  • Forever 21

It is a famous American retailer offering modest clothing at fair prices. The hijabs offered are known for their eclectic and fun designs. To get cool fun hijabs, Forever 21 is the place to go.

  • Inayah

It is a leading brand in modest fashion. The brand itself was launched with the ambition to offer Muslim females with the modern take on the Islamic dress code. A collection of high-quality hijabs with embellished dresses and maxis is offered in a variety of super stylish neutrals.

Types of hijab in modest clothing

Hijab designs offered by Bokitta are fashionable, ready to wear and above all, they don’t need pins to make them stay the way you want. Following are the various types of hijab in modest clothing that hijabis can choose from:

  • Voila

It’s a fully instant wrapped hijab that doesn’t require any pins. It won’t slip and is easy to wear with matching inner fit for all head sizes. The Voila maxi style is the most worn hijab of all time available in various materials; it’s longer in length than the Voila one.

  • Chic

It’s a completely instant hijab wrap with one long side giving full chest coverage it is suitable for women having any type of face cut. Chic maxi is the same as Chic, but longer in length.

  • Zain

Zain is for you if you like face-framing hijabs; it’s a one-piece instant hijab. It can be modified for both sleek and formal look.

  • ASAS

For a tight drape neck design, ASAS is the right design. It is also instant hijab that is suitable for sports and any activity that involves a lot of movement.

No need to limit your options if you want to wear modestly. Shop online and there is a whole world of modest shopping brands that offer extensive varieties for all hijabis to stay up-to-date with modern trends.


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