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Gorgeous Modest Hijab Tutorial

by Nahla Naciri   ·  2 years ago   ·  

Check out this gorgeous modest hijab tutorial featuring folds, layering has become a famous trend and hijabs aren’t exempt of this trend, folds look amazing on plain hijabs and add them so much style, with that being said, avoid using printed scarves to create folds with, this trend works mainly for simple plain scarves.

Of course the same rule work on clothing, you can’t use different prints on the same outfits and keep on layering them together.

This hijab style suits round faces if you are to tight it this way, but it would also work for long face shapes if you keep the upfront area breathable. 

The best hijab fabric to use for this style are chiffon hijabs, the folds come up neat and well made with this kind of fabric and your head doesn’t seem so charged or voluminous with all the folds.

This summer, you can spruce up your everyday outfits with this easy yet classy style, this look will complete your beach outfits or your summery night out looks.

Enjoy the tutorial below and tag someone who might like this style!



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