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Modest Fall Fashion Lookbook 2020

by Nahla Naciri   ยท  2 weeks ago  

What will fill the shelves of clothing stores this Fall season? What is the fashion tone of this year? What are the trends? let’s discover @omayazein ‘s take on Fall fashion this year with her latest Modest Fall Fashion Lookbook.

She has shared 4 gorgeous outfit ideas you can create with your own pieces by matching and mixing the trendy items of this season. Or, you can easily shop her looks (details in the video below). You can wear these outfits for pretty much everywhere; for the office, to the school, for hanging out with friends… etc. You can simple switch into flat boots if you’re having a long day ahead for more comfort.

What we love most about her selection of outfits is the shades, she has a great talent at matching colors and picking what most suits her skin complexion. Omaya also knows how to keep it classy using simple affordable and available pieces you can grab from your wardrobe.

Using accessories is one of her secret to coming up with a complete stylish and trendy look. Her use of belts add more style to the outfits, necklaces and scarves play a huge role too. You can check her 10 ways of styling a scarf HERE.

Without further ado, check out her Fall Fashion Lookbook video below and tag someoen who might enjoy this.