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How To Wash Hijabs | Clean & Stain Free

by Nahla Naciri   ·  12 months ago  

Cleaning a scarf is a relatively simple task. You just need to wash it at low temperature (30 ° C maximum) in the washing machine, selecting the delicate cycle. Then wring your scarf, exclusively by hand, then dry it in the open air. 

It might slightly be different for each hijab fabric (cotton, jersey, chiffon, cashmere… etc) but the whole process of taking care of your hijabs is the same: washing drying and ironing.

Washing: By hand or by machine, depending on your preferences. We recommend that you wash your hijabs by hand in lukewarm water with a little mild soap, without rubbing, and rinse with clear water.

If however you decide to machine wash them, it is possible. Try to select a delicate program as much as possible. In any case, please do not exceed 30 degrees!

Drying: Regarding drying, a small tumble dryer is allowed. You can of course also hang them on a dryer or hanger and dry them in the open air.

An advice ! Do not spread your hijabs under the sun, it tends to discolor fabrics! This also applies to the rest of your laundry.

Ironing: In general your hijab will not need to be ironed, especially if you have taken care to extend it as soon as the wash is finished. If you still want to iron it, please do not set the iron too hard.

@hanantehaili is explaining below exactly how she takes care of her hijabs and how she get rid of stains. Watch the video and share it with someone who might need this.