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Step Into Summer With Our Favorite Hijabi Bloggers Outfits

by Nahla Naciri   ·  3 years ago   ·  

Whether you are into the pastels, the florals, the floaty pieces or the loafers, there is something for everyones Summer wardrobe. It is finally that time again when we can strip down a layer, confidently show a little skin and increase the time we spend in the great outdoors. We are so excited to try on all the latest styles and pieces beautifully worn by our favorite hijabi bloggers, we have a wide selection of outfits you will definetly love to try out this summer.

Anyways, you’re looking to go lighter and brighter, this might be in the form of a statement blazer, a bright pair of a-line trousers or simply a colourful necklace. So whether you are feeling brave or like to take a more subtle approach, there are easy ways to make wardrobe adjustments aligned with the changing of seasons.

  1. Change your shoes: As boots and sneakers get banished to the back of the wardrobe, it’ll soon be time to step out in sandals, showing off feet and letting them breathe all season long. 
  2. It is time to ditch the black: If you want a look that screams spring or summer, it means you must say goodbye to some of the darker, deeper shades. You don’t have to cut them out all together, but make sure the focus of the look stems towards your brighter tones. 
  3. Time for patterns: Be it a beautiful bouquet of florals or a digitized ikat, a pattern is this summer’s top option for rocking a feminine frock.
  4. Pick a good pair of sunnies: Find the style that works to your face shape and rock it with every look you can.

With no further, enjoy our selection of best hijabi bloggers summer looks!


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