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Gorgeous Classy Hijab Tutorial For Daily Wear

by Nahla Naciri   ·  6 years ago   ·  

I love everything about this hijab style, it looks classy, perfectly lined and I also love that point on the top of the head. It’s suitable for work, casual days and even special events if you add head jewels.

It’s comfy and so easy to make here are the steps listed below to create this look

1- Fold your and place it on your head with long and short side, then pin under your chin.

2- Wrap the long side over your neck.

3- Tuck the short side in your shirt.

4- Continue the wrap with the long side in order to cover your chest.

5- Finally you can either pin or tuck the hijab in the shirt.

large (2)Picture’s source @taslim_r


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