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Get Ready For A Moroccan Wedding with @lailatahri

by Nahla Naciri   ·  2 years ago   ·  

Moroccan weddings are so lit, between music, dances, food and dresses, you’ll be so amazed and stunned by the beauty and tradition of this country. One thing hat catches everyone in Moroccan weddings is the Moroccan caftan. It usually comes in two pieces, beautifully adorned by all kind of colorful emboidery and stones.

Caftans come in a modest cut which makes it easy for covered women to wear them and style them with their hijabs. The amount of colors and shades on the caftan helps choosing any hijab colors you prefer.

Picking the right design and slaying a matching makeup look will turn you into a real life princess. Moroccan caftans spruce up your allure in a stunning way.

Laila aka @lailatahri a Moroccan Dutch beauty and makeup youtuber shared her get ready with me to a moroccan wedding video and we just got excited for her to doll up and get herself ready for the big party in a moroccan dress which she has shared too along with the hijab tutorial for this occasion. Enjoy watching and share the video with someone who might like it.

moroccan wedding

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