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Simple Hijab Tutorial With Folds

by Nahla Naciri   ·  3 years ago   ·  

Welcome back with this beautiful hijab tutorial featuring folds, they come in so many styles and ways of creating them, some prefer to use folds for a voluminous Hijab style and some just love the simple, tight ones that makes your head look small and normal, this hijab style below is so beautiful for occasions or even everyday wear if you want to make your casual style looks more stylish.

You can accessorize this look with a head piece to spruce up your allure especially for this coming Eid, the Hijab would look stunning with a maxi dress/abaya or whatever you decide to wear. By the way, don’t forget to tag @hijab_fashioninspiration on your Eid Outfits we would love to repost some 😉

Folds add so much style to your look, if they are well secured they make you look all dressed up while they only require few steps to get done! 

The hijab used here is from Sadoq collection, their hijabs are Crafted from pure cotton and finished with two little tassels, get this exact one from HERE.

@makeup_saparova is a russian makeup artist and hijab stylist, her signature style is made out of folds, she masters the turban style and not just any turban look, turban with folds which makes it look even more trendy, she also styles other sisters hijabs and below she is creating this gorgeous look that you can learn from for your future looks.

Enjoy and tag someone who might like it!


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