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Easy Turban Styles by @lailatahri

by Nahla Naciri   ·  5 months ago  

Welcome back again with a new video tutorial featuring 3 simple easy turban styles created by Laila aka @lailatahri. These are her go to turban styles that she wears often. 

Using jersey hijabs is the best decision when it comes to turban styling, Why? because simply when wearing a turban you are looking for ways to secure it very well for it to stick good and nice all day long on your head. Jersey Hijabs with their stretchy fabric provide all the maintenance you need on your turban look, plus they help creating beautiful folds to your final look.

You can buy Premium jersy hijabs from HERE they come in endeless colors and sizes. 

You can really create these styles in no time, you don’t even need to use any pins. A nice styling to wear with your swimwear.

If you are into turbans styles but find a hard time creating a style you can opt for instant turbans. Order yours from HERE

Without further ado, enjoy twatching and tag someone who might like these styles.