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Classy & Stylish Hijab Tutorial

by Nahla Naciri   ·  6 years ago   ·  

This beautiful Classy & Stylish Hijab look can be made using silk or any hijab material as long as it’s a maxi scarf, Silk hijabs would look nice for an evening look as they sparkle against the lights, they would complete a maxi dress outfit, but for a day wearing look you can go with viscose or Pashmina hijabs for a comfy feeling.

To get this style done, follow the steps listed below:

*Start by folding your scarf into a triangle

1. Place it on your head

2. Pin under your chin moving a little bit to the right

3. Bring material from the back keeping your head covered from behinf

4. Make a twisted touch as seen on step n°4

5. Secure it with a pin

6. Wrap the rest of the fabric on your chest and pin it

7. Same thing for the other side.


Picture’s credit @reynasylvani


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