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Beautiful Square Hijabs Tutorial For Summer

by Nahla Naciri   ·  3 years ago   ·  

Square hijabs are very trendy for summer fashion, they come in endless designs, color and fabrics but the most used ones are satin square hijabs, they work perfectly if you want to rock a turkish style. 

Square hijabs are easy to style and even though they look quite small, you can create so many wraps and style with a square scarf, the hijab can be adapted to so many face shapes and you can play with the length of the scarf to create more coverage.

@sehri__istanbul is our main guide for turkish hijab styles and mostly square hijab tutorials, she styles them perfectly and makes you want to try them, the fact that they come in so many colors makes them more easy to match with your whole outfit but most of us is convinced that they slide and don’t stick to your head for a long day or night out.

However, all you need to know is what accessories to use in order tocomplete your look, a simple underscarf or ninja scarf, some pins and a safety pin for your under chin security.

The underscarf helps keeping your main hijab in place and is used to pin the hijab to, if you use a square satin hijab directly on your hair, it won’t stand for 2 minutes.

Follow this hijab tutorial below for a complete demonstration on how to slay square hijabs this summer. 


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