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Beautiful Red Full Chest Coverage Hijab Tutorial

by Nahla Naciri   ·  6 years ago   ·  

Beautiful lovely hijab style covering all the chest area and looking loose for a spring/summer look, It’s perfectly lined from the front and layered with a beautiful second layer. You can make it by yourself in no time following these easy listed steps below, it’s better to wear an underscarf for more security.

1. Place the scarf on your head with a long and a short sides.

2. Pin the sides of your hijab as shown below.

3. Bring the long side back and join it to the other side.

4. Alway with the long side, bring it over your neck and chest then pin it.

5. Take the rest of the fabric on your chest, fold about 1 inch.

6. Then wrap it loosely over your head.

7. Secure with pins on sides creating a point on the front.

10946312_1540978142819089_447859298_nPicture’s credit @nunknoviana


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