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Beautiful Hijab Tutorial With Folds

by Nahla Naciri   ·  5 years ago   ·  

This a simple beautiful hijab tutorial with folds for everyday wear, it doesn’t look voluminous and you can create as much folds as you want depending on your scarf width. It works better with a chiffon hijab, if you use a pashmina, you can get a voluminous style as the material is thick and stand with any fold you create.

Here are the steps to get this look done

1. Place the hijab on your head with long & short sides

2. Pin uder your chin, take the short side over your chest and pin it on your shoulder

3. Now start creating folds by bring the fabric from behind

4. Once you’re done with folds, pin the sides to fix your folds

5. Now take the long side and wrap it over your head

6. Pin the wrap

7. Adjust the fabric to get everything set


Picture’s credit @cattleyacouture


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