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Basic Eveyday Hijab Tutorial By Eslimah

by Nahla Naciri   ยท  8 months ago  

Hello again with a new hijab tutorial featuring a basic everyday hijab style by @eslimah she makes hijab look so simple and easy to wear and has a beautiful style in term of outfits and lifestyle. Make sure you follow her journey on Instagram for extra inspiration.

Today’s look is the easiest, you can create it ysing a chiffon hijab, shop yours HERE or a jersey one, Shop yours HERE on actually any hijab fabric since the way to wrap it is the same. However this may not work with satin fabric.

Eslimah explains which hijab fabric works better for her and exactly how to frame hijab around your head.

With no furher ado, enjoy watching and receiving all the positive vibes Eslimah sends along this hijab tutorial.