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All The Ways To Wear Fresh Mint Outfit Trends

by Nahla Naciri   ·  1 year ago   ·  

Each season has its share of pallets and swatches. If some colors persist and others decline, the same question remains, that of their good associations. Today w’re going to tlk about all the ways ypu can wear and associate Fresh Mint pieces. 

Long shunned pastels make a remarkable comeback in the trendy charts. At the head of the procession? Fresh Mint. At once soft and soothing, this shade exudes freshness and femininity. To adopt with closed eyes!

Being a unique shade, Mint green can be matched with many other colors. Combine it with delicate pastel colors for a refined look. This incredible shade of tenderness will be in perfect harmony with baby pink, lavender, beige and nude. You can also associate it with white, another light color that flatters almost all skin tones. You can not go wrong by pairing a mint green skirt or pants with a white blouse. Discover how to wear and combine this flagship shade of the season.


Classic version: In classic-chic mode, it will infuse a note of sweetness to basics sometimes too strict. The ideal ally for going to work, wear a polka dot shirt and beige trousers in combination with a Mint blazer and an ecru headscarf.

Daily : A Mint cardigan will surely make the deal. Able to soften bolder colors, it will be paired with cigarette pants, denim, and a spring print shirt.

The evening : Evening look, we don’t hesitate to pair a silky Mint blouse with a maxi black skirt, for the glamorous touch, add pink suede bag, it’s the perfect mix for a girly and vitamin-packed outfit.

Enjoy below out Fresh Mint Outfit Ideas Selection from your favorite bloggers.


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