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6 Healthy Smoothie Bowl Recipes

by Nahla Naciri   ·  2 years ago   ·  

The smoothie bowl has been the trend for a while and we just love it. Beautiful, tasty, source of nutrients and vitamins, the smoothie bowl recipes have it all. If you are not convinced, go to Instagram to see the impressive number of photos of #smoothiebowl. Endless creative combinations and mixture of tasteful fruits!

The smoothie with a straw is out! Now you have to prepare a denser smoothie that will fit in a bowl and you will have to eat with a spoon. Not to mention all the wonderful trimmings you can add that will make your bowls worthy of the most beautiful magazine photos.

On a nutritional level, the smoothie bowl creates an ultra-nutritious lunch. It brings you a great amount of carbohydrates ideal for waking up and for your brain. Then the dairy products, nuts and seeds used provide a good amount of protein that will allow you to reach a level of satiety quickly. Finally, the many dried or fresh fruits, seeds and nuts, offer, for their part, a lot of minerals and vitamins, not to mention the dietary fiber.

We came across Jose aka on Instagram and he is making some of the most amazing foodie stuff out there. Enjoy these 6 smoothie bowl recipes videos he has made on Youtube with ingredients mentionned and tag a friend who might want to try some.

Feel free to vary the textures so that your bowl is interesting in the mouth as well as the eye.


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