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5 Different Summer Outfits by Hanan Tehaili

by Zaynab Rayhan   ·  1 year ago   ·  

Shopping for summer outfits is so fun! Lightweight clothes, pastel colours, sandals and glowy makeup. We always search about clothing inspiration whether it’s in a magazine, on youtube or on instagram, there’s so many bloggers that give you some ideas about what to wear. One of our favorite one is Hanan Tahaili known as @hanantehaili on  instagram. Her style is modest, elegant but at the same time very comfortable. She matches her hijab, shoes and handbags and offer so much Inspo for evening and casual wear.


It’s easy to say that we found the piece of clothes we want, but what we love the most about it is that we can create so many looks with the same article. Most of Hanan Clothes are from Modanisa, one of the biggest modest clothes brand known. She also has some pieces from other fashion brands. Below you have some beautiful pieces from different line.

Hanan wearing a beautiful casual dress from [HERE]

hanan tehaili

Simple but elegant sky blue jumpsuit from @veiledcollection from [HERE]

Snake print top from ZARA there’s so many similar top from [HERE]

hanan tehaili

Another gorgeous coral dress perfect for summer from [HERE]

hanan tehaili

Hanan slayin with this floral dress cardigan from [HERE]

hanan tehaili

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