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3 Hijab Tutorials Using Plain Scarves

by Nahla Naciri   ·  2 years ago   ·  

Welcome back to a new blogpost featuring 3 new hijab tutorials using plain scarves, which are so easy to style, you can use as many hijab wraps as possible when working with plain scarves and you can also use accessories to spruce up your look and add some touches to your plain hijab.

@Sehri__Istanbul is a turkish Hijab blogger who is specialized in creating hijab tutorials teaching how you can wrap your hijab in so many different ways and using all type of hijab fabrics, mostly silky hijabs as she creates a lot of turkish hijab wraps. 

We came accross these 3 hijab styles for which she has used plain scarves that most of us use for everyday style and which are practical to match with as many outfit colors as possible.

With no further to it, enjoy watching these 3 hijab tutorials featuring plain scarves and tag someone who might need to watch as well.

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