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by Nahla Naciri   ·  4 years ago  

It has been six years since they got Married , but the couple was not blessed with a child. One night the couple began to whisper to each other: “why don’t we have kids ? It has been more than six years by now.” I guess, there is a problem amongst us”. The whispering, eventually became noisy.

Without telling anyone, Ahmed and Maryam went to a doctor for consultation, and conduct the examination. The lab results revealed that Maryam is barren, while Ahmed does not have any problem and there is no hope for her to recover in the sense that no opportunity for her to conceive and have children.

Seeing the result, Ahmed though mentally disturbed still said: Praise be to God!

Ahmed entered the room alone at the doctor’s lab and allowed Maryam to wait in the waiting room.

Ahmed said to the doctor: “I’ll call my wife to enter the room, but, please, will you explain to her that the problem is with me, while she does not have any problem.”

He told the doctor to do as he said, but the doctor refused and was amazed. However, Ahmed insisted and the doctor finally agreed to do as he said.

Finally Ahmed called Maryam. She entered the doctor’s cabin and the doctor opened the envelope infront of her, then read it :” Oooh, Mr.Ahmed you are barren, while Maryam does not has any problem, and there is no hope for you to heal.”

Hearing the announcement of the doctor, Ahmed kept quiet, and looked at Maryam with a face of someone who surrendered to the will of God.

Then the couple went home, and gradually, the news spread to their neighbors, relatives and friends.

Five years later, since the hospital checkup; Ahmed and Maryam were patient, until finally Maryam lost her patience and said : “O Ahmed, I have been patient during the past 11 years, and did not ask for a divorce from you, and all the people have said: “how good and faithful wife I am. 11 years have passed, and even after knowing that her husband will not get any children still, she is loyal to him”. However, now it seems  thatI can no longer be patient, I want you to immediately divorce me, so I can marry another man and have offspring from him, so I could see my children, cuddle and nurture them.”

Hearing Maryam’s emotions , Ahmed said: “Maryam, this is a trial from God, we must be patient”.

Finally Maryam said: “OK, I’ll hold my patience for another year, remember, just one year, no more”. Ahmed agreed, filled with great hope, that God may give the best solution for both.


A few days later, Maryam suddenly became ill, and the lab results revealed that she was suffering from renal failure. Hearing the news, her psychology and emotions took a big toll .

She said to Ahmed: “All this is because of you, I always kept my composure, and now I’m like this, why don’t you immediately divorce me, I do want to have kids, I want a baby, …”.

Maryam was at bed rest in the hospital . At that juncture, Ahmed said: “Sorry, I have a job overseas, and I hope you will be fine very soon”.

“Haah, go!”. Said Maryam. “Yes, I would go out and look for a kidney donor, may be”. Said Ahmed.

The day before the surgery, the doctor came to the bedside of Maryam and said that tomorrow will be the operation of the donor’s kidney.

At that time Maryam was reminded of Ahmed, she said within herself: “What a husband I have got’ I am undergoing operation, and uh he just left me “.

Anyhow, the operation was successful. And after one week, Ahmed came back.
After nine months of operation, Maryam gave birth to a child. Then there was a rejoicing smile and joy in their life.
One day, Ahmed while going to office, forgot his personal diary on the table , a diary which he had kept hidden all this time. And unintentionally , Maryam got the diary, she opened it and started reading it.

She almost fell unconscious when she found the secret about herself and her household. She was shocked.
She immediately called Ahmed, and wept uncontrollably, and apologized to Ahmed. And even after the event, for three months, she did not dare to look at Ahmed’s face.

Know that the donor was no other man but Ahmed himself. Yes, Ahmed had donated a kidney to Maryam, and nobody knew about it except the doctor. He had ordered not to disclose the secret (and thus made overseas job excuse). And he also got her operated through latest technology so that she could conceive.

Be the caring spouse InshaAllah for the sake of Allah