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What Does it Mean to Be A Husband?

by Nahla Naciri   ·  5 years ago   ·  

Becoming a husband will change your life– for the better, of course! The very special relationship between spouses is a wonderful and humbling experience: your wife is the person that you have chosen to spend and share your life with, through all its ups and downs. When things go well, she is there to celebrate with you; when things go wrong, she gives comfort and support. She does not judge you on your failures and is all too often working behind the scenes to ensure that your life together runs smoothly.

The bond shared by a husband and wife is best summed up as follows:
“They are your garments and you are their garments.”
[Al-Baqarah 2:187]

So, what does it mean to be a husband? How should a husband behave and how should he treat his wife? The Quran shows us the standards expected from an ideal Muslim husband, the most important of which are summarised below.

In Islamic custom, men are regarded as “guardians” of the family. Allah (swt) (سبحانه و تعالى) has made them stronger and they are expected to expend of their means to provide for the family. This does not mean that they are superior to women; rather they are expected to act as protectors and providers.

“Men are protectors and maintainers of women.”
[An-Nisa 4:34]



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