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by Hijab Fashion Inspiration   ·  10 months ago   ·  

Welcome back with a new Hijab Tutorial featuring this Trendy Chic Hijab Style, there is million ways of wearing a headscarf and styling your hijab from casual to sporty to trendy looks, it all depends on your mood and mostly the hijab material you are using.

Chiffon hijabs have quickly become amongst the most popular fabrics to wear. The fabric is soft, light-weight, and delicate, making it an elegant touch to any outfit. 

In this hijab tutorial, @Chinutay has used a chiffon Hijab, nothing is more comfortable and easy than a chiffon scarf, they come in endless colors and suit every face shape as they can be easily adapted to the shape  of your face.

With no further, enjoy this hijab tutorial ( which is also hilarious haha) and tag someone who might like it.


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