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Tips On How To Wear Wide Leg Trousers

by Nahla Naciri   ·  5 years ago   ·  

Wide legged pants are coming back on trend this season, especially patterned ones. I personally love wider pants which can be a very good choice of trousers for this season.

  • It’s great for short legged women, as flared pants are very leg lengthening when they fit well at the top. Be sure to wear them with mid heels though.
  • They may cover up your muffin top (if you have one) and hold your tummy in if you select a high waisted one.
  • If you are heavy at the top, flared pants will give you a nice silhouette.

These are some tips on how to wear flared pants

  • Buy them long. I don’t like the look of flared pants that are too short. It’s nice when your pants hide your high heels.
  • Flared pants look particularly good if you define your waist with a belt.
  • Try to balance the total look and wear something long on top. Flared pants can make for a very classical look so they will look great with a well fitted long cardigan.
  • Short people can also wear flared pants. Just make sure they are more fitted at the top and the pants don’t flare too much.
  • Although wide legged pants can be perfect for the pear body shape, make sure you don’t have any side pockets as that will add extra bulk.




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