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Summer Al Barcha Everyday Hijab Tutorial

by Hijab Fashion Inspiration   ·  8 months ago   ·  

Summer Al Barcha is one of our favorite fashion blogger, she traipses the streets of New York dressed in the most stylish outfits, she is a must-follow. Her fun, approachable style has landed her collaborations with local and international brands and campaigns for heavy hitters, she knows how to combine simple affordable outfits with timeless and designer accessories.

You may have get it, we share Summer’s pictures almost everyday on our platforms and we have noticed many of you are asking fo her simple everyday hijab tutorial. Luckily, Summer has recently joined Yutube sharing her styling tips, Hijab tutorials and much more content. 

We’ve stumbled upon her recent Everyday Hijab Tutorial, which is so simple and comfortale for a long day out wear. Below a video of Summer creating her Signature Hijab Style on her sister, learn how to master this look with the tutorial below – best part – it takes no more than two minutes! Enjoy!



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