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Easy 2 Minutes Square Hijab Tutorial

by Hijab Fashion Inspiration   ·  10 months ago   ·  

Wearing a square Hijab must be one of the hardest and easiest thing at the same time, square hijabs come often as silky ones which are hard to stick on your head, also they always come in printed examples which do not always meet our taste in patterns, but lucky as e are, nowadays, square hijabs come also with a chiffon fabric, which I recommand most for so many reasons, whether it is for wearing or styling them.

First of all, Chiffon Hijabs don’t slip from your head, which is a relief since who has time and patient to keep fixing their hijab all day long! also, they allow some folds which is very stylish and give a chance for many hijab styles to try, they keep your hair and head breathable and finally they come in so many endless stunning colors and tones. So imagine how a chiffon square hijab might looks like.

Below is the most easiest and faster square hijab tutorial you can ever imagine, yet is one of the most beautiful and simple style anyone would love to try using square hijabs, which everyone has at home somewhere forgotten! Yes I know not everyone is into square hijabs, but they work so well for busy early days, they can be styled in no time and they offer a great comfort.

With no further, grab your square Hijab and follow the steps listed below to get this look:

  1. Fold your hijab into a triangle and place it on your head with equal sides.
  2. Secure it with pin on the top of your head on on the sides.
  3. Then create a fold in the front area to hide the pins.
  4. Take the two sides of the hijab and cross them
  5. Place the fabric behind your back
  6. and Voila!
square hijab

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