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What To Weat To A Ramadan Gathering

by Hijab Fashion Inspiration   ·  11 months ago  

There’s nothing like Ramadan gatherings, whether it’s with your family or with your friends, you always have fun! And why not keep some great memories in a gorgeous fancy look!

You’ve probably attended your fair share of Ramadan gatherings by now from Iftars to Sohours. If you’ve run out of ideas on what to wear to your next Ramadan gathering, Dalalid is your one and only inspiration for Ramadan looks, Usually dressed in a maxi dress or abaya because it is always a valid option.

We have selected three looks from her account along with the stores and designers of her Ramadan outfits, which one is your favorite?

Look 1

🎀 @REEMoRAWI 🎀 #dalalidramadanseries

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Look 2

Look 3



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