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Quick Easy Hijab Styles by @basmaghand

by Nahla Naciri   ·  11 months ago   ·  

Meet Basma aka @basmaghand on Instagram, a moroccan content creator sharing everything fashion, lifestyle and bakery related, her feed is so beautiful and inspiring, make sure to stop by and discover her sense of fashion. As for now we came back with a bunch of quick easy hijab styles by Basma that you can wear for many different occasions but mainly for office or school.

Basma uses chiffon hijabs which are the perfect fabric to go for, for both summer and winter. Chiffon hijabs are so easy to adapt to any face shape, the fabric is so smooth and you can create as much styles and wraps as you like with it. Below are some easy quick hijab styles tutorial Basma has created, they are suitable for busy mornings when you’re running out of time.

Enjoy watching and tag someone who might like these styles.


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