PinDesigner Hijab Accessories Store

Here we are again with another discovery of some gorgeous goodies! This time the items are from the UK based company Pindesigner. This popular and in demand company is run by jewellery designer Nahlha Malik who tries to cater to the female Muslim community by creating innovative and unique designs. Her pins are fantastic and made of very good quality materials. One thing that annoys me about most pins is a blunt end, but Islamic Gems pins are excellent in that department. As soon as I slid the pin into my super thin hijab, it was a smooth transition, no snagging or pulling in sight.

I also appreciated the size and weight of the pin. You can instantly tell it is not some cheaply made accessory, but rather a piece of stunning jewellery.

With no further, here are some of their best selling pins and hijab accessories, they are made with love and passion that you can purchase from their online store 

Five Gorgeous Pin Pack Collections at only £7.99 from HERE 


Also available in this color and many others!

Princess of Persia Hijab Headpiece at £22.00 from HERE 

Crystal Rani Gold Hijab Headpiece at £25.00 from HERE 

Make sure to follow them on INSTAGRAM and visit their STORE for more design and to keep an eye on their new arrivals!