Moumina Collection – Prices & Links To Shop

How beautiful are Moumina’s maxies! from Abayas to Kimonos and Dresses you can find loads of styles and designs available in all sizes. From our favorite online store Haute Elan, we’ve picked these 3 styles, a beautiful beaded kimono, a gorgeous maxi dress and a stunning abaya!

This captivating kimono in dusty pink is perfect for dinner or any special event. Embellished with gorgeous pearly flowers with diamonds for a luxurious look, get yours from HERE  

With its similar details it has a powerful and sopisticated look. This biker abaya is a great addition for every fashion sister. Perfect for the darker and colder days. Get yours from HERE  

This gorgeous abaya is a must-have in your wardrobe. The soft pastel color matches all skin tones. A white under-slip is attached to the abaya. If you wish to wear only as an open jacket abaya without the under-slip, simply throw over as a normal open jacket, while the underlap gets nicely tucked at the back. Wear it with a belt or without, get yours from HERE 



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