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Moroccan Traditional Dresses/Caftans Inspiration

by Nahla Naciri   ·  8 months ago   ·  

To discover a country is to discover the monuments, the beauties of the heritage and its landscapes. But it is also to discover its culture, represented by the Moroccan handicraft or its way of dressing.

The caftan is part of the cultural heritage of the Kingdom of Morocco. It has always had a place of choice in the Moroccan wardrobe, and today finds its nobility in haute couture.

The Moroccan caftan is a long dress that Moroccan women wear when they attend special events. Yes, they can dress proudly of their Moroccan caftan at a wedding or at a birth ceremony. It had begun to gain popularity in the world thanks to the stylists who introduced it through the fashion shows. With a personal touch, many have fallen in love with this oriental dress. A Moroccan caftan is the marriage between elegance and modernity without leaving aside the traditional touch. Often, one recognizes a Moroccan caftan thanks to its beautiful embroidery and ornaments. 

Many fashion bloggers from all over the world have been styling the Moroccan caftan and adapting the whole look modestly to match with their headscarves. Below are some inspirational looks from your favorite Hijabi bloggers.


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