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Meet Hijarbie, The Popular Doll Wearing Muslim Fashion

by Nahla Naciri   ·  5 years ago  

Check out this Cute Instagram account by Talented Nigerian postgraduate featuring doll styled with modest fashion inspired by many muslim brands! It’s a great, unique and fun concept ! I believe it is way more difficult to create such a tiny well detailed designs, so big up to Haneefah Adam,  24, a master’s graduate from Nigeria The girl behind this idea!

I’ve been following her since a while and learned from her posts that it actually takes more than one camera to shoot the tiny dolls, I am sure it takes time, effort and patience to get everything in order before shooting and sharing with us all those great looks and pictures. So big up to Haneefah and good luck for what will come next!

Go give her a follow on Instagram at Hijarbie and enjoy all the gorgeous designs.