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Khaki Office Outfit Idea – Shop The Look

by Nahla Naciri   ·  6 months ago   ·  

To change black, we opt for another trendy color: khaki. Since a few seasons, khaki color reigns over our closets like a true essential of fashion. But do you know how to wear it? We give you all our little secrets to wear the khaki shade.

Other than the military jacket, wearing khaki is not easy. Yet this color has it all. It is worn during summer, winter, spring and fall and adapts easily to all styles. In fact, khaki can be combined to so many other colors, you can dare as many color combinations as you want, go ahead with whatever floats to your boat. However, the most classy and sophisticated matching is khaki with beige, it is quite equal to the timeless Black and white combo. 

Of course as in any other outfit combining process, you need to break the matching with an unexpected shade or print, just like how we did in the following outfit idea, for an everyday wear to the office or university. Just in time for Fall, embracing both a trendy color and print!

You can shop this outfit from Head to toe from the direct links listed below:

khaki hijab outfit idea

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