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Ideas Of How To Style Your Blouses

by Nahla Naciri   ·  6 years ago   ·  

Blouses are very classy and elegant, they can be worn casually but most of the time, they can make out classy outfit, that you can wear for office, interviews or trainings.
To also add some style to your blouse and some class to your day, pairing it with an eye-catching watch that gives elegance to your look is key, a watch such as a Coach will make you feel classy and on time for your morning meeting.
They come in different colors and shapes, they give an elegant and soft look to any outfit and can be worn very modestly.
Check bellow some elegant yet simple ideas on how to match your blouses.

Style N°1
This kind of blouses with this beautiful collar neck can be worn with a turkish hijab style, for their touch of putting the sides of hijab behind to let the collar shown.
This is a very soft and beautiful color, you can match it with a black maxi skirt, neutral flats, and a black classy bag. A printed black and brown hijab would look awesome.


Style N°2
When it comes to a unique color top, chances to create many outfits are high, this one is very elegant, it can be worn with golden as we see, with white, grey, black or pink. We can combine it with many other colors.
I would personally wear this one with a maxi Grey skirt, a printed white, pink and grey scarf, white mid heels and a grey clutch.

Style N°3

These ones are very comfy and modest, although they look very simple, you can make out of them a very trendy look, let’s pick the pink one, you can pair it with a mint scarf and a maxi blue skirt, or else you can try a floral skirt along with a scarf with one of the flowers colors on the skirt.

For the white one I would go with a striped skirt and a red scarf.



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