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How To Wear Orange Outfits

by Hijab Fashion Inspiration   ·  4 years ago   ·  

Many people find that orange is a really hard color to pull off, and it usually isn’t the color that we reach for first when we open our closet. Surprisingly though, if you follow some good tips for wearing orange, it can be a very flattering color for most skin tones since in instantly adds a natural glow to your skin. But there is a certain style power behind it all! You need to make sure you know how to wear the color before you go prancing out in something neon and flashing! You should check the shade to make sure it’s right for you, and always wear orange in moderation with flattering colors.

1. PAIR IT WITH WHITE: There’s nothing that screams summer like tangerine and white mixed together. It’s a color combo that works for anything. The beach, the mall, the movies, dinner-whatever is on your schedule! Some of my fave outfit ideas are: denim with a tangerine shirt and white accessories, a tangerine dress with a white bag and hijab , a white dress with tangerine wedges and a brown bag, or a tangerine blazer with a white scarf and denim capris. Experiment to find your perfect combo of tangerine and white!

2. THROW ON A DENIM JACKET: Nothing makes the color orange pop like a denim jacket does! Pair it with an orange dress for sweet style. And the cool thing about this tip for wearing orange is that a denim jacket will really up the hip quotient of a girly dress.

3. GO FOR A SHEATH DRESS: Nothing says chic like a basic sheath dress in an unbasic color. A bright sassy orange color or even a burnt orange hue will help you to stand out in a crowd-in a fabulous way! Wear it with strappy nude sandals and carry a dark brown or bronze bag and you will be the bomb! This is one tip for wearing orange you won’t be able to resist!

4. AVOID HEAD TO TOE ORANGE: Only little old ladies or people doing time for crime can get away with wearing head-to-toe orange. I think of those little matching pant suits and I cringe inside! Not only will head-to-toe orange make you look like a pumpkin, but you will be spotted a mile out. An orange dress is one thing , but if you are wearing two pieces, do mix and match colors. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! If you DO have a matching suit, break the pieces up and wear them with other clothing items you already own.


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