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How to Stay Warm and Stylish During Winter

by Nahla Naciri   ·  5 years ago   ·  

As much as you want to look stylish in the winter, you may think that this is simply not possible, especially when it’s negative four degrees out. It’s frustrating, but don’t give up! Although it requires a bit more thought and effort to remain stylish during the winter months, it is very possible and easy to achieve, once you get the hang of it. So, if you really want to snag the perfect cold weather style, throw out those old knitted sweaters already and get to the article!

1. Invest in one sturdy, and fashionable winter jacket. Choose one that looks good on you, not the mannequin[1]. Also, be sure to buy a coat that is appropriate for your area’s weather. For example, someone living in Quebec will need a heavier coat than a person living in Arkansas. A neutral color is best since neutrals are ultra-wearable and will keep you looking classy. Colors like black, gray, and brown really cannot be beat. Choose white only if you are willing to invest the effort into making sure the coat stays spotless. Although white may look great when you first buy it, it doesn’t have as nice of a contrast against snow, and the dirt the color so easily collects will just make you and your style look drab and dingy.

2. Add a scarf! Especially windy days will have you wishing you had on three pairs of long underwear and woolly socks if you aren’t dressed in a way that can protect you from the winter elements. One way you can protect yourself and keep yourself looking fashionable is with a scarf. Not only are they fairly inexpensive, they can be purchased in a variety of fabrics, colors, and styles. With a scarf, you can show your personality and keep your body heat in your jacket.

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3. Wear gloves. Nothing is less stylish than dry, chapped hands, which is exactly what you’ll have if you don’t wear gloves! Obviously, wearing mittens or extremely thick gloves would be warmer, but thin, streamlined gloves are more chic. Find a perfect medium that suits your outfit and the weather for maximum comfort. Your gloves should either match you hat or scarf, or fit the color scheme of your outerwear in some way.

4. Wear tights and thermal leggings whenever you wear a skirt or dress. Instead of going bare-legged, ladies should consider wearing tights or leggings beneath their skirt or dress.



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