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Gorgeous White Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial

by Hijab Fashion Inspiration   ·  4 years ago   ·  

I love everything about this makeup tutorial, it looks so simple and you can wear it for work, casual days or special events evenings, Here are the steps to follow to get this look!

1) With a brush apply a small amount of light eyeshadow, gently shake it to remove excess shadow and patting movements, put shadows on your mobile eyelid.
2) Apply the slant dark matte shadow with a brush and draw a line in the stock century.
3) Blend the dark along the crease, it will give the depth of view.
4) Apply a darker shade to the middle of the lower eyelid and blend well.
5) Draw an arrow gel or liquid eyeliner, let it dry.
6) Prepare your eyelashes, apply mascara or use false eyelashes.



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