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Full Coverage Hijab Style Tutorial

by Hijab Fashion Inspiration   ·  2 weeks ago   ·  

More and more, we feel comfortable in maxi hijabs, with life getting busy and prefer to throw on a maxi hijab to ensure a full coverage than playing styles with a basic small scarf, and with a maxi hijab at your disposal, you are more open to trying new warps and hijab styles ideas.

Hijab fixing techniques will always continue to vary, you can get inspired but in the process of following a certain tutorial you can develop a way of wraping your hijab just by playing around your hijab edges. 

But some hijab wraps need a step by step guide to get done, especially full coverage hijab looks that require to use smartly the hijab lentgh to have more fabric to cover everyhting.

Sevi from Sevis World on Youtube often comes up with gorgeous ideas and today she is sharing a perfect full coverage hijab tutorial inspired by @hijab_is_my_diamon_official 


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