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For The Love Of Red – Shop The Look

by Hijab Fashion Inspiration   ·  3 months ago   ·  

Ah red! There are those who make it almost a signature, and there are those who don’t dare to wear it, or in any discretion from time to time. The range of red is yet very wide and can be surrounded with a lot of style. Here are some keys to better understand this strong color and wear it with elegance.

Whether we realize it or not, each color sends messages to others and affects our mood. Think of all the expressions of our language that rely on a color to express a feeling. In this, red is a very powerful color and it’s good to wear it knowing some of its effects.

Red is the color of action, of leadership, of the will. The person who wears red is full of energy. It is also the color of femininity and summons an image of seduction and maternity.

Red, yes, but which one?
Tomato, coral, strawberry, raspberry, ruby, blood, poppy, vermilion, tomette … the nuances are multiple, more or less intense. It’s up to you to look for the hue that will wake up your complexion and bring your eyes to light: it’s as radical as a line of lipstick. Attention, as for all colors, the shine comes from the material: the red will not be so dapper on a synthetic low-end, silk, leather, cashmere or a quality mohair. Some are sadly dull in comparison with the liveliness of others. It is not enough to say to the saleswoman “I’m looking for a red sweater” but to be attentive to its depth and its vibration.

Below is a gorgeous head to toe outfit from Modanisa, beautifully worn by @ebrusootds to show you how to rock this color 

Dress from HERE

Hijab from HERE

Bag from HERE

Shoes from HERE


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