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Fashion Tips On How To Style White Tops

by Nahla Naciri   ·  5 years ago   ·  

We all have a white piece in our wardrobe, mostly an simple top, it can be a shirt, a t-shirt, a blazer … etc, it’s as ordinary

White is a beautiful color full of choices and inspiration, you can match more than 2 colors with it, and try out all shades of neons, patterns, and colors in general.

These are some tips and ideas on how to style your ordinary white top throughout the year and for any season.

1- The ordinary way is to tuck your white top into a maxi skirt, then add a cropped jacket or blazer to stay warm.

2- Always with a maxi skirt, try on a fur vest which goes perfectly with a white shirt or blouse.

3- Add a blazer and heels to your maxi skirt and white tee combo for a more professional look.

4- You can also wear a colored blazer with your white top.

5- Wear your long white blouse along with classy black harem pants and midheels for a professional look.

6- Chill with your white tee along with a plaid open shirt and a jersey maxi skirt with converse.

7- Wear an open white shirt with a sporty black or stripped maxi dress.







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