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DIY Biscuits Cake Recipe

by Nahla Naciri   ·  5 years ago   ·  
I love this idea that I personnaly have tried at home, it’s so yummy and easy to make, one thing I can advise before making it is to watch out the sugar, you can either pick sugarless biscuits or adding only one spoon of sugar when making the pastry cream.
So here are the steps,
1- Put your biscuits into milk in order to get them soft to bite
2- Place them on a presentable dish,
3- Add pastry cream then restart with biscuits then put the pastry cream again and again untill you are pleased with the height ,
4- Add bananas as you can see below,
5- Add one last layer of pastry cream all over the Cake,
6- Finally add sliced almonds for decoration 🙂

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