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Beautiful Crinkle Hijabs For Summer

by Hijab Fashion Inspiration   ·  9 months ago   ·  

Crinkle Hijabs Collection 

Haute Elan has recently launched their own collection on their webstore, endless designs of abayas, scarves, watches… etc are coming your way via our Blog. Haute Elan are always bring in new trends and beautiful collections for everyone, their modest brands are meeting everyone’s taste and you can’t go by without finding what you’re looking for.

We are loving their Own Collection of Crinkle Hijab scarves, this type of scarves is so stylish and bloggers everywhere have created so many Hijab styles using it, from turbans to side knots to normal hijab looks. 

These Hijabs looks amazing with tutle neck blouses if you decide to wear them as a turban, you can find some style on our Instaram page

These trendy Crinkle Hijabs will not only keep you in style but also will take care of your comfort! A piece that can match all your outfits from your jeans to your abaya or dress. They are also so breathable for an easy and comfortable Hot Summer. Wear them without moderation.

They come in so many colors and the lentgh is extra, they vary from US $10 to $11 according to the color. If you are interested in getting yours before they sold out, visit the link to each color below:


Crinkle hijab


Get this Peach Crinkle Hijab from HERE



Get this Soft Pink Crinkle Hijab from HERE


Get this Plum Crinkle Hijab from HERE



Get this Taupe Crinkle Hijab from HERE



Get this Light Grey Crinkle Hijab from HERE



Get this Aubergine Crinkle Hijab from HERE


Get this Black Crinkle Hijab from HERE


Get this Navy Crinkle Hijab from HERE


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