Simple Beautiful Bridesmaid Dress

Sure, you may complain about the bridesmaid dress you have to wear or the insane amount of money you’re about to throw down, but let’s all take a moment to just appreciate how freaking awesome being a bridesmaid really is. Between all the freebies and opportunities to chill with all your main girls, it’s kind of the best, y’all. Not to mention, you get a front row seat to watching your BFF get married, and that’s worth its weight in gold!

Now let’s talk about a simple yet gorgeous dress to rock as a bridesmaid, the mismatched bridesmaids dress look has been a big trend over the last few years and can look amazing if done right. Whether you choose different dresses in the same color, different dresses in the same shade, or the same dress in different shades.

Below is a simple yet striking dress in this gorgeous neutral mink colour, @zaraazix made it look absolutely beautiful, with no further you can shop the look from the links listed below:

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