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Beautiful Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

by Hijab Fashion Inspiration   ·  4 years ago   ·  

I love this beautiful soft brown makeup , you can get a smokey eyes look with soft shades as this one. To get yours done follow the steps below.

1) Apply a base and powder the eyelid.
2) Draw wih the brown pencil your lower eyelid.
3) Apply on the upper and lower eyelids a black kohl.
4) Blend the brown pencil of the lower eyelid. Draw a black pencil line on the upper eyelid and blend well.
5) Apply a black shade to the outer corner. Blend well.
6) Apply the golden shade in the middle of the century and to the inner corner. Thoroughly blend all boundaries and transitions.
7) Turn up the black shadows in the outer corner of the eye.
8) Finish with Mascara



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