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All The Ways To Wear Berets With Your Hijab

by Nahla Naciri   ·  5 months ago   ·  

Berets are the perfect accessory for a winter look, they have taken over the fashion trend of winter 2020 so fast. We can see them on fashionista’s heads but surprisingly, they stand out differently but beautifully on hijabis since we rarely see a hijab-hat combination.

The thing about berets is that you can basically wear them with every outfit, you can wear them with a dress, with a skirt, with trousers, they are perfect for a more classy and chic look and on the other side you can also wear them with a more casual everyday look. With that being said, berets can also be worn with different hijab styles and that’s what we are sharing below from your favorite hijabi bloggers, giving all the ways you can wear your hijab with a beret, also have a look at the many different outfit ideas you can pair your beret with.

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