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Stunning & Affordable Abayas

by Hijab Fashion Inspiration   ·  6 months ago  

How gorgeous are these classy abayas from Shein, they are so comfortable and modest, they come in endless colors and designs.

an abaya is a necessity for hijabis! They are so easy to wear over anything and still look chic 😉Here are a few tips to keep in mind when styling your abaya this Ramadan!

Wear it as an open jacket. This trend is so popular right now! Wearing wide leg pants with a top tucked in underneath is a great way to add modest proportion.

Another way to wear it open is to wear a maxi dress underneath!

Add accessories! A cute pair of heels, lace up pointed flats, a few dainty rings, or even a watch can add a little something to dress up your abaya.

Pick the perfect hijab.

Get this beautiful selection from the links listed below, get your hands on your favorite before they sold out!

  1. from HERE
  2. from HERE
  3. from HERE


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