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7 Things I’ve Learned Since I Started Wearing Hijab

by Hijab Fashion Inspiration   ·  3 years ago   ·  

Wearing hijab changes completely your life, to the best of course and trust me it only adds you more value and wisdom, you can still do whatever you were used to, all your daily activities, your studies, shopping .. etc

Here are some fun but true things and facts I and maybe most hijabis have felt and noticed since we started wearing hijab.

1- You don’t save any time getting ready even though you don’t have to do your hair. All hijabis can relate, as there’s bad hair days, there’s bad hijab days! The time you used to spend washing and straightening your hair is now spent choosing a scarf, putting it on, tying it, and sticking in its pins.

2- A hijab doesn’t restrict you from doing what you want. unlike what most people think, it doesn’t prevent you from doing practical things, like me you probably soon realised that it wasn’t the case. If you want to go snorkelling, you can buy a burkini. If you want to go on a spa day with your friends or to the gym, you can. Anything is possible.

3- Suddenly, people expect you to have an opinion on every aspect of Middle Eastern and Islamic politics. If anything relating to Islam gets reported on in the news, your non-Muslim friends will turn to you and expect you to deliver a passion-filled monologue on the topic.

4- Some normal places and situations suddenly become quite uncomfortable. Basically, where there’s alcohol, parties, dancing, and SubhanAllah only inappropriate places!

5- Most people will treat you exactly the same. Friends and family who’ve known you for years won’t even flinch when you put a hijab on. These people are your true friends.

6- You will be surprised that hijabis judge other hijabis too. As a hijabi, I tend to notice other hijabis around me. Which means I’m prone to judging other hijabis in terms of what they wear and how they do their hijab.

7- Being a hijabi doesn’t mean you’re better than non-hijabis or any other Muslims. When you put on a hijab, people may think you’re on some kind of “higher religious level”, but it’s important to remember that people who don’t wear hijabs can be just as religious as you. Islam isn’t about appearance; it’s a religion based on inner intentions.

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  1. kanwal

    I like hijab inspiration

  2. Love this 🙂

  3. Nadin Atar

    Keep up ur inspirational posts about hijab… It inspires me and pushes me forward to finally take that important step..
    May Allah strenghten me in my imaan and push me forward towards hijab, me and other girls struggling with their sins

  4. Hi Nadin,
    I’m a new Muslim and I wanted to share my story with you. When I started reading about Islam, I felt connected to the whole idea of covering yourself because I felt safe.. Safe because I knew no guy could stare at my front or behind because I knew I didn’t give them anything to stare at; and that made me feel at ease because I knew that I didn’t give them the pleasure. So I started wearing a hijab and a coat style abaya even before I took my shahadah. People can’t act loose around you when you wear your hijab because they know you probably have a strong connection with God. Picures this: You see a group of guys around you. Your friend is wearing a hijab and you are not. If the guy wants to ask someone out, would it be your friend, or you? I’m sure you have reflected and know the answer. It keeps you safe from sleazy eyes, casting eyes, not only of non mahram, but jins too. Start wearing it And you will feel so pretty with the hijab (inside out) that you’d even want to wear it at home. I pray that Allah swt guides you and gives you Hidayah. Aameen.

  5. tehreem

    Oh …. this is so good to hear Zeema that you understand Islam …… and have started to come towards Falah ….. 🙂 My Allah SWT bless u ….. Ameen

  6. tehreem


  7. Very nice zeema.. Happy to read ur comment. Allah bless u

  8. jasmen

    Hey guys!! I just wanted to say!! That I’m also new. Cuz I’m 17 years old and it’s only about three weeks and I’m wearing my hijab!! And all of these facts are completly true!! I wanna add. Wearing hijab makes me feel so logicly grownup and makes every body respect u !! Also u don’t have to feel hot in summer or other stuff. Cuz if u had the will and convince to wear it. Nothing comes in u’r way I swear!!


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