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6 Fun Games To Play With Your Husband

by Nahla Naciri   ·  5 years ago   ·  

There is a saying ‘Couples that play, together stay together’. And yes, with the age-old adage, relationships might fade away and the love or the bond that once existed to the acme could make a move below to the grounds. So, what else is required other than some utterly fun games that could bring you and your spouse more close to a completely newer height of communication and understanding. Fun competitions and games add spice to any relationship in terms of all levels. You’ve probably heard of lots of couples going to test their relationships in escape rooms in their local area, such as this Plano Escape Room. Not only would this be fun, you would also have to work together to solve the clues and get out of the room you’re stuck in. Perhaps booking into one of them might be a nice idea. Anyway, here’s some more ideas of games you can play with your husband:

1. Scrabble: Even with all the new word games available, this one is still the best. You can serve some yummy treats and enjoy the game.

2. I Went To Market: This may seem like a pure memory game at first, but there’s actually more to it than that. It’s also about using mental associations and mnemonics to think of things that only you are likely to remember. The first person starts, “I went to market and bought a _____.” Say it’s a magazine. The next person lists what has been said before, then adds something. “I went to market and bought a magazine and a pocketknife.”Back to the first person “I went to market and bought a magazine, a pocketknife, and a margarita.” Whoever equivocates is eliminated.

3. Puzzles: They’re actually quite fun! And you can talk while you do them. In fact, you can use this fun time to talk about how was your day or what are you planing to do tomorrow or talk about some fun memories of you both, etc.

4. 20 Questions: You can also play a fun game of questions, set a list of 20 questions you would like to ask your hubby, anything that cross your mind and ask him to do so as well, then start asking one by one, it’s a great way to communicate better and know what each of you think of another.

5. Challenges: there’s a lot of challenge games out there, some are even yummy and that’s the one I am suggesting today, try the Chubby Bunny challenge, I bet most of you have watched Dina Tokio’s one with her husband it was so fun to watch. Check it HERE and let me know if you would like to try it.

6. Turn Chores into a Game: Now this is something I personnaly like to do 😀 and there’s many ideas for turning chores into a game like while changing the sheets on the bed, make a race to see who can finish putting the pillowcase on the pillow and get the pillow on the bed in its place first. Or When doing dishes one can Soak the dishes and the other can wash them and see who can bear with the processing and not be delayed compared to the other. Try and make shopping for appliances fun too by seeing who can find the best of each kind. I used this guide on the Best Vacuum For Pet Hair (with 15 Reviews & Buyers Guide) and won hands down.



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