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5 Stunning And Easy Ways To Tie Your Hijab by Nabiilabee

by Hijab Fashion Inspiration   ·  1 year ago  

Enjoy these series of tutorials and looks created by the very Multi-talented beauty @Nabiilabee who creates video content, is a stylist, and also designs clothes. She began blogging in 2011 when there were very few proponents for modest fashion, and has since become one of the biggest bloggers in the industry. “I wanted to create modest fashion which can be worn by women who want to feel empowered by their modesty and comfortable in their own skin. My style is very different, and I’m really quirky.”

She is known for her creative hijab styles she always comes up with for any occasions you’re asking for, below are 5 stunning looks you can try either for school, work, Eid, weddings or any event you’re about to attend!

Style n°1 a simple back-to-school look.  This hijab works for those who need to look formal for work or school. To find out how to do it, click here.


Style n°2 Take it back to basics! The basic hijab is the quickest, and easiest style. If you don’t have time, tying it like this looks perfect. To find out how to do this style, click here.


Style n°3 How to combine your hijab with a gorgeous headpiece for special occasions. To find out how to do it, click here


Style n°4 Here’s a gorgeous way to tie your Instant scarf! Click here to find out how to loop it around and pin it down in a way that looks amazing.


Style n°5  If you want to use your Silk scarf, this is the style for you Here 




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